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Senin, 08 Desember 2014

hairstyles for round face

Hair styles for round faces

Just like any face shape, there are hairstyle dos and don’ts for round faces. If you’re planning on getting a haircut, you should try to get one that enhances your features. 
You want to look at beautiful as you can, so why not follow these hairstyle dos and don’ts for round faces? They’re simple ways to make you look as wonderful as possible and feel good about yourself.
 Round faces are the most misunderstood and miss-diagnosed of all face shapes. I’ll bet about 75% of you reading this post, who think you have a round face . . . don’t. That’s about the percentage of women who get it wrong in my class, Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!
“I’m ROUND!!!” is how the disappointed woman will announce her perceived round face shape. It is said, in such a way, as if having a round face shape is a failure of sorts.  Round face shapes can be the most exquisite and lovely faces of all. Women will quickly misdiagnose their round face shape, after a small weight gain, say, or after a long winter of indulging in a multitude of sins. But, a small weight gain usually won’t change an oval face shape to a round face shape. Bone structure is the most important factor in the geometry that makes up our visual face shape.
A weight gain though is all too quick to stare us back in the mirror, everywhere, including on our faces . . . Yikes! So, it’s easy to understand how this kind of misnomer happens. In our own critics eye, we may indeed look more round, when in truth, the weight gain has just made the face shape a fuller oval, heart, rectangle or whatever face shape we’ve had since puberty.
Not many women have truly a round bone structure. A round face is a perfectly symmetrical shape after all. The characteristics that go into making a face appear round are, rounded jaw line, widest part of the face being at the cheeks and ears, a face that is close to being as wide as it is high.
The underlying bone structure may allow for fuller looking cheeks. Also, if the eyes are big and round, this adds to the illusion of looking like more of a round face. I am certain some round faces can be the most exquisite and lovely faces of all, there are many gorgeous celebrities with round face shapes. There just aren’t many people who have round face shapes. Another reason is that a round face shape alludes softness . . . and here’s the proof!


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